The Advanced ILS theory course is a five days training course for those who need a deep understanding of the ILS behaviour in adverse terrain and challenging siting conditions. The course will mainly be using two computer programs, AXIS 110J for Localiser and 330J for Glide Path, to work through a number of exercises from known practical cases.

The course content is referenced to EU Regulation 2017/373 minimum requirements, and is based on the ILS Fundamentals course, covering taxonomy levels four and five. The text below descibes the remaining levels of knowledge and understanding. Both of them are covered in the course:

Level 4 — The ability to establish a line of action within a unit of known applications following the correct chronology and the adequate method to resolve a problem situation. This involves the integration of known applications in a familiar situation.

Level 5 — The ability to analyse new situations in order to elaborate and apply one or another relevant strategy to solve a complex problem. The defining feature is that the situation is qualitatively different to those previous met, requiring judgement and evaluation of options.

The course is basicly similar to the ‘AXIS User Course’, but this one will put more emphasis on theories and principles than computer exercises. See more details in the ‘AXIS User Course’.

The target personnel for this course are ILS instructors, project managers, flight inspectors, ILS maintenance planners and problem solvers for ILS in adverse terrain.

ILS Fundamentals course or similar experience

Course Material
Students will need to bring a personal computer in order to run the AXIS 110J and 330J software during the exercises. The software should be purchased or ordered in advance in order to get a user license.
Certificates will be awarded to successful candidates.