The software has been upgraded to Java and is 1000 times faster, and has virtually no limits for number of steps in each run.

The current AXIS 110J release: R54 dated 20 February 2023

The current AXIS 330J release: R54 dated 20 February 2023

Latest AXIS DOS release: R46 dated 20 January 2018

User’s Manual for AXIS ILS Simulation software:
AXIS 110J PDF (A5 size – 210 pages – 1.9MB)
AXIS 330J PDF (A5 size – 301 pages – 2.5MB)

Specification for a suitable standard PC:

Microsoft Windows versions 7 – 12
Disc space: 128MB or more
RAM: 8GB or more

To run the software on a standard PC, download JAVA standard edition at Oracle: