The software has been upgraded to Java. It is more than 100 times faster, and has virtually no limits for number of steps in each run.

The current AXIS JAVA release: R48 dated 20 February 2020

Latest AXIS DOS release: R46 dated 20 January 2018

Users Guide for AXIS ILS Simulation software R44:
AXIS 110 PDF (A5 size – 210 pages – 1.9MB)
AXIS 330 PDF (A5 size – 301 pages – 2.5MB)

Below are LOC antenna systems (ASY files) as ZIP

Indra (Normarc) download
Thales (Thomson CSF) download
Thales (Alcatel-SEL) download
Thales (Italy) download
Thales (Wilcox original) download
Watts Antenna Co (201 w diffrent clearance arrays) download

For A110JAVA and A330JAVA
Language files (AL20, 21 and 22) (GP20, 21 and 22) for R48-

English A110J and A330J
French A110J and A330J
Norwegian A110J and A330J
Spanish A110J and A330J

For A110 DOS and A330 DOS
Language files (AL10, 11 and 12) (GP10, 11 and 12) for R42-45

English A110 and A330
French A110 and A330
Norwegian A110 and A330
Spanish A110 and A330