Prices for AXIS JAVA Software for 2023:

AXIS 110J single user license € 1200 (FEB 23)
AXIS 110J multiple user license € 2400 (FEB 23)

AXIS 330J single user license € 1250 (FEB 23)
AXIS 330J multiple user license € 2500 (FEB 23)

AXIS 332J single user license € 1250 (Pending release)
AXIS 332J multiple user license € 2500 (Pending release)

Upgrade DOS to JAVA – single user* € 900 (Current version)
Upgrade DOS to JAVA – multiple user* € 1800 (Current version)

Later JAVA update for any item above € 120 (Current version)

* Applies to each item above.

For ordering any of these items, please send us an email.

For upgrade/update to the current release, please send us an email stating:

  • Company name
  • License number (found at the top screen => S/N:xxx)
  • Your release and date (Press the I-key in the Control Panel)

The software will be prepared for download with all necessary files for running safely.

Prices for the listed training courses:
Depending on the location and duration. Please ask for an offer.