Prices for AXIS JAVA Software for 2024:

AXIS 110J single user license € 1200 (JAN 24)
AXIS 110J multiple user license € 2400 (JAN 24)

AXIS 330J single user license € 1250 (JAN 24)
AXIS 330J multiple user license € 2500 (JAN 24)

AXIS 332J single user license € 1250 (Pending release)
AXIS 332J multiple user license € 2500 (Pending release)

A license does not expire, and a purchase covers updates for 5 years.

Upgrade DOS to JAVA – single user* € 900 (Current version)
Upgrade DOS to JAVA – multiple user* € 1800 (Current version)
Later JAVA update for any item above € 120 (Current version)

* Applies to each item above.

Single user: A single person can use the software at a time within a named company or organization
Multiple user: An infinite number of persons can simultaneously use the software within a named company or organization

For ordering any of these items, please send us an email.

For upgrade/update to the current release, please email us stating:

  • Company name
  • License number (found at the top screen => S/N:xxx)
  • Your release and date (Press the I-key in the Control Panel)

The software will be prepared for download with all necessary files for running safely.

Prices for the listed training courses:
Training is best performed in a classroom, either at the customers premises or hotels at suitable locations, and is not covered in the purchase prices.
The cost for training will therefore depend on both location and duration.

Please ask for an offer.