Overall strategy
NANCO will offer teaching, consultancy, and advice within air navigation services, with an emphasis on the Instrument Landing System (ILS).

Quality policy
NANCO’s overall quality policy is to deliver services within education that satisfy customers’ expectations and needs so that

  • customers will return
  • good reviews and references may give us more customers

We shall focus on continuous, measurable improvements and are characterized by high competence.
We shall be flexible, solution-oriented, and the customer shall experience short response times.
Our quality system shall follow the guidelines in NS EN-ISO 9004:2018 as well as all relevant laws and regulations and shall include all deliveries from NANCO.

Environmental policy
NANCO shall be based as much as possible on electronic documents and learning materials so that the use of paper and packaging, physical shipments and transport can be kept to a minimum.
To the extent that it is relevant, the UN’s sustainability goals shall provide guidelines for our plans and decisions.

Health and safety policy
NANCO shall contribute to create and safeguard a good working environment for our customers and partners.
NANCO shall comply with the applicable regulations and requirements that our customers and partners expect.
Our aim is that there should be no accidents or damage to people, material, nor the environment.
We shall achieve this through risk assessments and preventive measures.

Anti-corruption policy
NANCO shall not contribute to false and incorrect certificates for passing courses being awarded to candidates who have not passed established requirements.
NANCO or our engaged consultants shall not receive money or beneficial services in exchange for benefits that cannot withstand public attention.