AXIS 332 development resumed

The development to complete this first version was halted for two years due to other activities, and was resumed on autumn 2022. We expect the first edition to be avaliable in May 2023.

AXIS 332 Live Glide Path simulator

This is a a special Glide Path version under development. It has a graphic user interface (GUI) for simultaneous displaying the graphs on a separate screen when changes are made in the antenna parameters or scattering objects in the control panel.

The software will only be available in JAVA version.

The AXIS 332 has all the similar and well known functions as the AXIS 330, but the run modes are separated from the control panel in order to be presented on a separate large screen or projector while the control panel remains on the computer screen for adjusting the feed parameters or physical movements of the antennas or modelled reflection objects. The audience will then see the immediate effect of these changes in the field. It is an excellent tool for working groups and educational purposes.

A332 control panel

The Control Panel has a graphic user interface (GUI) for quick changes.

A332 Scattering editor

The editor for the scattering objects is easy to operate while watching simultaneous changes in the graph.

A332 panels

Graphs are either colors on black (dark mode) or black lines on white background.

The graphic screen is separate from the Control Panel and the scattering editor, and can be displayed on another screen or projector.